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2019 Volkswagen Golf 110 TSI Highline review

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Another six months of ownership have passed since the first introduction to my latest and current drive. In the eight months since picking up the Golf Highline with R-Line package it has covered just under 7,000km. The majority of this has been urban commute in regional Queensland during those glorious hot summer months, giving many opportunities to test the heat of the leather seats and sunroof.

The possible issue with the sunroof is the see-through material of the cover that is similar to the shade cloth used on any good '90s pergola. Surprisingly it does an acceptable job of keeping out the heat in combination with the sunroof tinting. The leather seating does get close to hot, but not the truly volcanic heat I remember from Grandad's ol' HK Kingswood vinyl and the branding the seat belt buckle could inflict.

The sunroof has become a feature I have loved in the Queensland summer heat for an immediate heat release when the car has been parked in the sun. It works a treat, but is then closed to allow the A/C to control the cockpit temperature, which it does fantastically on even the hottest of days.

There have been no mechanical issues to be addressed at the six month service. VW don't do the "one month/1000km thing", instead going for a six month check up. The only item I did ask them to look at was the ghost operating the music on start up. This happened every time the car was started, where upon the first application of the indicator the song being played would restart. This happened when using USB, SD card or CD (yes the Golf has a CD player). VW had never heard of this issue although plenty of fellow owners online had the same issue. Many suggested the "gesture" setting to be the issue and when switched off this did remove the ghost.

There is another ghost in the system for the electric seat. I have the rear set on the lowest setting, but the Golf is not happy with this. Even though the memory has been set in this lowest position it randomly raises it off this setting slightly when turned off requiring a manual adjustment. It appears I am setting it outside the parameters it considers acceptable.

I have gotten used to the driving style required for the DSG (Automated manual) to work as smoothly as possible. I personally love this gearbox and find myself regularly using the paddle shifters just for the fun of it. Let's hope the Mk7.5 had all the DSG issues sorted of the earlier models and that this remains a fun gearbox.

I am still greatly enjoying the drive in this car and regardless of the fact that multiple reviews had said the R-line package suspension tune was too firm with the 15mm drop in ride height, neither me or my regular passenger has had an issue with the set up.

It's a car that can be fun, but does have a level of luxury.