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2018 Volkswagen Golf R Grid Edition review

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I first purchased my Grid Edition Golf R in late 2018 as a demo, although it had less than 300km on the clock! I got it for the great price of right on $50k drive-away, including window tint and a tank of fuel.

I chose the wagon for two reasons; one being practicality, and the other being the sleek sleeper look. It really is amazing just how much extra gear you can fit into the back of a wagon. Plus you get the small advantage of around 40mm more leg room in the rear seat when going for the wagon.

Around 6 months into my ownership of this amazing vehicle, I decided a slight tune up would be of great benefit, getting it up to 260kW and 455Nm at the crank. This was also helped with the additional of a high flow air intake. This sees a realistic 0-100 time of 4.3 seconds consistently, and a quarter mile of 12.7 seconds. It will also top 200km/h in slightly under 16 seconds on a drag strip - it's certainly fast and very regularly embarrasses proud HSV owners at the traffic light Grand Prix! Without launch control, 0-100 is achieved right on 5.1 seconds, however it does take half a second to grasp the fact that you've suddenly decided to pin the throttle!

To be truthful, I have had over a dozen drags so far, and was been beaten once by a Kawazaki 650. Other than that, it's been all victory! I have only used launch control in one of these drags, where I well and truly showed a Kia Stinger who was boss!

The R returns a long term fuel average of 8.8 litres per 100 kilometres, and will get late 6's on a freeway trip. Fuel figures around town sit just below 10L/100km, jumping to more like 16L if fun is to be had! I haven't had the DSG tuned, which probably helps keep the fuel figures down a bit.

As for how it rides, it's completely amazing how soft it rides in Comfort mode, given the 19-inch wheels (which I love) and the low profile tyres. My absolute favourite thing about the car is how versatile it is from one driving mode to the next. The way the vehicle transforms from a luxury-feeling wagon to an all out lethal track weapon is astounding - all at the single push of a button!

I should also note that this vehicle never really looks out of place, whether it's parked at Aldi, driving on a race track, doing a school run, or parked outside a 5-star hotel, it doesn't look out of place - it looks fast, while being subtle and luxurious, an excellent all rounder for $50k!!

All in all I am thrilled with the R and would recommend one to anyone in the market!

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