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2018 Renault Trafic LWB Crew Lifestyle review

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I've owned several vans over the years, as I've worked in the building trade most of my life, and because of this occupation, you get yourself into many different predicaments on a daily basis. I had an older model Mercedes Vito 112CDI – that was very good but ended up with too many kays.

I've had two Hyundais which I had nothing but trouble with, but were very comfortable inside. I bought a new Vito 114 SWB, that was good but had problems. I bought a new VW Transporter and that was okay, but I would describe their DSG gearbox as the worst gearbox I have ever seen. I kept it for 7000 kilometres, and was very disappointed in it, having to get rid of it because I simply couldn't stand the gearbox.

So I traded it on a 2018 Renault Trafic 140 diesel lifestyle pack, and have nothing but good comments to say for it, except that the passenger seat is a bit cramped.

But otherwise, this van is ideal for Australian conditions and roads. We have done a lot of long-distance driving in all our vans, and the ride in the Renault is the best out of all the vans I've had on average roads. It's also the best to drive. The engine has surprised me no end with its strength, quietness, and economy, and always has power to spare, even going on holidays with our trailer on, it feels as though it's not struggling to get to wherever we choose to go.

It's got enough ground clearance to go off the bitumen, and has plenty of clear vision for reversing back. The technology and screen is adequate, it's probably more than we'll use, but it's there if it's needed, and the sound system is good.

It's also as good of build quality if not slightly better than the other vans we've had, and the sliding doors are easy to operate, and main doors shut well. Being the LWB version, it suits both being used as a work vehicle, and has plenty of room to take our needs on holidays interstate as well. The trailer is sheltered by the design of the van's rear, and is not as affected by the force of the wind when towing as some other vans are.

Also, service intervals will appeal to business owners (30,000km), however we'll probably stick with changing the oil more regularly than required, as we have always done so, with every vehicle we've owned.

The van's looks are also very nice and tidy, and seems to be very efficient at reducing wind resistance. As I have already mentioned, the fact that we use our vehicles for work as well as travelling in, gives us a bit of an insight into their overall performance, in many areas that many people may not encounter, and after having such a poor encounter with the transporter, this van has restated our faith in many ways.

We have plenty more kilometres to travel yet, and we feel that the Renault has many of the virtues needed for our trips away to be more enjoyable, and trouble free....

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