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2018 Holden Commodore LT review

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I own this Commodore sedan and it is by far and away the best car I have purchased. I bought it in April 2019 from Patterson Cheney Holden in Vermont, Victoria. The 4-cylinder petrol turbo is absolutely brilliant in every respect. With a stunning 191kW and 350Nm of torque, it has scintillating acceleration and pace - eager, eager, eager.

Even more, its cruising ability and outstanding pulling power amazed me on the test drive. At 112km/h, it's revving at a mere 1400rpm. It is a joy to drive, quiet in the cabin, and the economy is great, hovering between 7.4 and 8.4 litres per 100 kilometres. I can't emphasise enough how much the car is a joy to drive. To add, it is supremely lithe and agile through corners or on windy roads, helped by its light weight of around 1530kg (to be roughly 150kg lighter than the V6 Commodores is stunningly good).

It was great to drive on day one and that joy continues today - 12 months since purchase.

When I applied the brakes for the very first time, trust built immediately.

It has great tech features; such as daylight LED, and the ability to safely remote-start the car with your keys - particularly useful on hot days to cool the car before you get in. Setting or changing the driver's seat has many electrically-powered options, so it's great. I read one driver complaining about this, but I have found it hard to believe. This would have to be a very large and tall person, so I feel they would be an exception.

Important to me is a roomy cabin for the the driver and front seat passenger. It's great, has plenty of room between me and the door, as well as between me and the passenger... excellent.

The infotainment system with Android Auto is outstanding, and worth setting up (tweaking) for yourself. Voice calls are outstanding and you can even send and edit a text message by your voice alone. There is the touchscreen of course if needed.

The only thing that is sub-par is the reverse camera. The quality is poor. If I worked or lived in the city I would be annoyed, because I simply would use the camera more than in the country where I live.

Aside from that, this Commodore is phenomenal. That's a strong word, but this 4-cylinder with a seamless and whisper-quiet 9-speed transmission is superb. I rate this Commodore as an $80,000 dollar car, yet with 5000km on it as a demo purchase (it looked brand new the day I picked it up) the Commodore cost me a mere $27,880 drive away.

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