Holden Calais 2018 tourer
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2018 Holden Calais Tourer review

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I’ve been driving Commodores since the VB and Commodore Wagons since the VY Series 1. Each model has gotten better and better and this latest version is simply brilliant - even better than my VF, which I appreciate is a massive call. I first test drove the RS Wagon (4-cylinder) and was surprised that its power around town and highway was equal to its Australian-built predecessor.

The upgrade to the Calais Tourer was more because I had the opportunity, rather than having any dissatisfaction with what the RS offered (though the RS alloys were average-looking at best). I coveted the VL Calais back in the 80’s and now I had a chance to drive a car with the Calais badge, hence the upgrade.

I cannot fathom why I have hardly seen the new model on the road and have never sighted another Tourer outside of a showroom (Regional Queensland). This is simply a great car and a great Commodore.

I’ve read plenty of reviews and observed the thoughts of so-called experts. I am not sure how many have been to the dealership to take one out for a test drive. Sure, it’s not Aussie-built, but neither are the alternatives.

The ZB is a pleasure to drive for a short commute, and it is outstanding on the highway. My 6-foot, 100kg-plus frame, along with my wife and two adult kids in the back can get around in much comfort. Wagon space is ample, and rear comfort excellent.

The internal layouts work. The electronic equipment is superb and the dash tech is easy to operate, even for a non-technical person like myself. The safety warnings and signals are excellent and the GPS is clear. The rear camera is even better than that in the VF, and the VF's was very good.

Holden has made the inside over to resemble many of the features and styling of the previous models. It looks great and at night could just about win a Christmas lights competition. There is no question; internally this is a Commodore/Calais.

On the outside it looks great. The style is a great upgrade and is a modernisation on the VE and VF. It drives brilliantly, and is comfortable for all on board. An exceptional, stylish and practical car.

Improvements for next time? Probably Holden should have individualised his/hers seat settings, and it is definitely thirstier than the VF. The alloys on the Calais V sedan is the benchmark, and the the Tourer’s looks... good.

Overall, brilliant. Forget the naysayers. Get one. You won’t be disappointed.

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