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2018 Audi TT RS Quattro review

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So, three months on and I’ve started to get comfortable with my new TT, which replaced my 911 (for reference). Now, the TT is fast, very fast. The fastest car I have ever owned. The engine is glorious and the gearbox a perfect match. It sounds wonderful when it moves – did I say how well it moves?

The cabin is a wonderful place to be when it’s cruising or flying, as the cockpit was designed like a pilot's seat – it is perfect. But, how could a company the size of Audi then start to disappoint? People, the company brags about this quattro thing, but oh my what a disappointment.

I own ‘supercar’ performance that is mostly front-wheel drive? I have a steep driveway and hoped quattro would help. My god, the clunking and the clanging of gears sort of engaging, the wheel spins... My wife’s Countryman embarrasses the TT.

My conclusion is that quattro is probably 90 per cent marketing and only engaged 10 per cent of the time in anyone’s regular drive. It’s a poor application of possible all-wheel drive.

Then there is the paint job. Perhaps Audi was trying to keep the car light by spraying a few, very few, coats of that metallic paint with maybe two, if not one, coats of clear. C'mon Audi, $150K car (list price) and no paint to protect it – pathetic effort!

Oh, did I forget to mention the exhaust rattle on its glorious warm-up cycle? Maybe they forgot to tighten something while rushing it through the paint booth, which may explain the atom-thin paint job.

But let's forgive these oversights. Perhaps a giant the size of Audi could get the software right – in particular the parking sensors? Nope, I guess they are just starting to understand how these newfangled things work. Please, please, have your software engineers drive a Countryman JCW and see how it’s done properly.

Oh, think about iPhone and Android integration. It’s not hard, they are the only two major systems out there.

Oh, don’t let me forget about steering this rocket. Mmm, ya don’t. The guys that designed the TT RS probably think there’s no need to feel the road because you are in a cockpit and flying. Again, a bloody disappointment.

What about its handling? You know it ‘flies’, but I didn’t tell you it’s also a boat. It must be because that's the only reason it wallows about like a drunken sailor once you want it to ‘fly’ in any direction other than a straight line. It’s heartbreaking that Audi, with its heritage, scale and resources, could screw up such potential.

Very sadly, I can only say spend a touch more and look elsewhere. I fear the shortcomings are likely inherent in how they run their business, in my most humble opinion as an owner – for not too long. I did give them a chance, at my cost unfortunately.