Volkswagen Tiguan 2017 110 tsi comfortline
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2017 Volkswagen Tiguan 110 TSI Comfortline review

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I am a longtime supporter of Volkswagen and Subaru, having owned several of each. Recently, I had to choose between the Forester and the Tiguan for my work drive car. I spent a lot of time comparing four cars to come up with the answer.

In my review were the Hyundai Tuscon, Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forester and the newly arrived VW Tiguan. I was particularly keen to get all-wheel drive, and am embarrassed to say I chose the only two-wheel drive in the field.

The test drive is very important to me, as my car is my office. The VW was the standout due to its impressive handling. My test was carried out in rain, and I pushed hard trying to unsettle the car, but it behaved very well and delivered a sense of confidence. The Tiguan was the last of the four I tested, and it impressed me from the moment I drove off. The overall feel of the car was a class above the others. The Tiguan felt sure-footed and classy.

Key areas to compare for me were: luggage area (easily the best of the four compared with seats up), cabin noise (very quiet, the Subaru was quite noisy), stated fuel economy, and styling (the Mazda curves have never appealed to me).

After my purchase, I found that the Tiguan's economy is phenomenal. I was amazed that such a small engine would employ cylinder-deactivation technology.

My main dislike is the infotainment system. It is such a pity that VW cannot source its infotainment system and sat-nav from Subaru's supplier. If VW could it would be a master touch. Both are great cars, the Subaru is just getting a bit old and feels it and sounds it.

Since owning the Tiguan for six months, I have been consistently pleased with features I continue to find on the car. I am not a believer in driverless features, but the park assist is very clever in tight spaces. I often achieve 800km on a tank of fuel, too.

Even with my dislike of the infotainment system, I do not regret my choice.