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2017 Volkswagen Polo 81 TSI Comfortline review

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This Polo is a great little car that I have owned since new for two years now, buying the little VW as I needed a small, nice-looking, economical and enjoyable car for work and leisure. I have travelled approximately 70000km, which is higher than average. I own a manual 81TSI model with both the sports and safety packages. I get many compliments on the car and people think it is more expensive than it is.

Positives would be that it is very fuel efficient, as I average around 6 litres per 100 kilometres, and I do consider myself an enthusiastic driver. It has good power when you need it, great safety and connectivity, for example Apple CarPlay, built-in navigation, AEB and active cruise control. I’ve experienced great reliability so far, and I have had no issues with the car since I bought it. It is my second Polo, and regarding reliability, I have found it just as reliable as my previous 2014 model that I owned years ago.

Storage is great including the front door bins, which hold a bottle of wine each after a trip to the bottle shop - does anyone else hate ANYTHING rolling around the car like me? I also love the height-adjustable boot floor, which means you can store things underneath the floor. The hooks in the boot for shopping bags are a bonus.

In terms of quality I do rate it highly, however I have experienced a few small buzzing rattles around the seatbelt height adjusters on the B pillars and some wind whistle at highway speeds. Other than that, the car feels very solid and well put together in general.

The only real negatives I find would be that the ride can be a little bouncy on the highway and it hits hard bumps harshly. The drivers seat has no lumbar support and I find it uncomfortable on long drives (I’m not big; only 168cm tall), and the servicing is expensive for a little car (although good service intervals). Also, it requires 95 premium fuel at a minimum, which is better in the long run for any car, however it can get expensive when fuel prices spike. The armrest is great although a little awkward to have in place while shifting gears in traffic. The positioning of the armrest doesn’t seem to work ergonomically if you choose the manual - you need to ideally keep the armrest raised until you’re at a steady cruising speed, then lowering the armrest to use it uninterrupted.

Overall I highly recommend the Polo if you want a nice premium small car.

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