Subaru BRZ 2017 premium
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2017 Subaru BRZ Premium review

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Hands down the most fun car I have driven for under $30K. Coming from a family of FPVs and high-horsepower V8s, I never thought I’d enjoy driving a mild 147–151kW sports coupe. How I was wrong.

While you’re not gonna win any drag races, you cannot throw this car into corners without having a grin from ear to ear. I drove my friends 2015 86 and this is the experience I had. That prompted me to purchase my 2017 BRZ.

The seats are fantastic and they hold you through the corners so well. It is a platform that is ready to be modified and turned into a true weapon of a track car.

Of course, there are things about this car that I don’t like. Those being:
The speaker system is mediocre at best.
While I didn’t buy this car for straight-line speed, it’d still be nice to have a sub-6sec 0–100km/h.
It seems every P-plater nowadays owns one.
People always tell me it’s slow. (I know guys.)

For a daily driver, it’s not really all that bad. I never have to really take anyone in my car, so I can fold the rear seats down and have plenty of boot space. It’s comfortable to drive day to day, and when driving normally it’s quite smooth.

My car has so far been decently practical and every bit reliable. I’ve not once had an issue with mine, and once it gets too old, I’d be happy to upgrade to the newer model.

There are many things that could be improved upon. Of course, more power/forced induction would be fantastic for this car. I’ve driven boosted BRZs and I don’t believe that the extra power disrupts the balance like Toyobaru says it will. Mind you, the boosted BRZs I’ve driven have ranged from 200–350kW at the wheels and the balance is still there.

Apart from more power, a nicer speaker system would be appreciated (I'm quite the music buff). While the interior is lovely, and especially for the price, nicer trim pieces would go a long way for this car's interior feel.

Other than that, there’s not much I’d change about this car. I’m in love with it, and anyone that has owned one for a while will tell you the same. My dad, who built drag cars, owns a 700hp hot rod and a 400rwkW FPV (as a daily), and even he loves this car.

No, it’s not very quick in a straight line, but throw that beautiful coupe into the corners and even WRX STIs can struggle to keep up.