Range Rover Velar 2017 d300 s awd
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2017 Range Rover Velar D300 S AWD review

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After owning an Evoque TD4 150SE and getting used to the AWD concept, I decided to update to the Velar. It is more practical over long distances with the 3.0-litre V6 and superb air suspension, along with the added practicality of more room luggage-wise.

The model is not so basic, yet has a few added features that make the vehicle more user-friendly, such as blind-spot monitoring. Tilting reversing mirrors were quite a useful novelty for me, which make reversing into parallel parking spots easy and not hitting the kerb. The Convenience Pack with the Activity Wristband is genius when going for a swim and leaving valuables discreetly locked away, plus extension clips to release the back seat from the rear.

The economy has been phenomenal on the highway, yet mountains and steep inclines are accommodated beautifully by the 700Nm of torque from the magnificent 221kW V6 engine. Just to add, the air suspension is standard with my motor, yet an option on the four-cylinder ones.

The touchscreen technology in front of the console is a delight and very easy to use, plus the array is quite easy to navigate after a proper induction.

The leather interior with the optional Grand Black Veneer Finish makes for a most delightful ambience while cruising in the countryside, along with the Exterior Black Pack that came with my car. The extra space in the rear cargo area is quite good, yet slightly smaller than the Sport, which is a bulkier vehicle anyway.

I opted to go with the Solid Paint Fuji White, which is a safe and practical colour to maintain, yet makes a good statement in the public eye. I am quite chuffed when people ask me about this new model, as at the time of writing this, mine is the only one in my district of its type.

I did put a couple of options on that are very useful, including two coat hangers that clip behind each of the front seats, giving clear vision and fewer blind spots, and a folding windscreen sun shield (bit expensive, but very good fit and effective). I went for quality dealer-fitted window tinting, which helps my vehicle locally, and a rubber cargo mat lip is always good. I purchased a hail blanket that is tailor-fitted for the Velar, which is real peace of mind for the aluminium bodywork.

Given I have travelled over 5000km in the first two months, I see myself enjoying the driving dynamics for a long time to come. The driving modes that are selectable are very good for the situations you need to tackle. I use the Sport mode mostly.

I find it difficult to criticise, as the visibility is excellent with tilting side mirrors and excellent reverse camera.