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2017 Mercedes-Benz S350 D L Review (International)

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I bought this car in September 2018 as an Approved Used Car from Mercedes Benz in Edinburgh, Scotland. I will have brought the car into Australia as a Private Import by late 2019.
After covering 15,000km, I'm in love, hence the phenomenal scores.

The car looks gorgeous in its AMG Line trim; black on black with five double-spoke wheels. It turns heads everywhere, especially as I try and navigate 5.3 metres (or 17-foot, 6 inches) through narrow lanes all over Britain and Europe.

I have driven in all manner of crazy weather conditions and have never felt unsettled. The car's amazing suite of hi-tech driving aids work flawlessly. Whenever I have passengers in the car at night, the Wow factor of the brilliant intelligent headlight system never fails to raise a grin!

The brakes are cross-drilled and pull the car up straight and in amazingly short distances for such a heavy car. I've never managed to induce fade, even punting the car through the legendary Furka Pass in Switzerland.

The engine is super smooth for a diesel, with only the slightest hint of vibration in the cabin until it reaches operating temperature. Forget a horsepower number - it's all about torque with a capital 'T'. Several times I've put the boot in while joining a Motorway, Autobahn, AutoStrada or AutoRoute and the Stability Control has engaged to stop 680Nm from spinning the rears. Amazing!

The new era 9-speed gearbox can't be caught out in any situation. The shifts are almost undetectable up or down, and the learning capability means it just gets better the more I drive it. In Economy mode it always shifts up to the highest gear possible to save fuel.

Change the engine and gearbox settings to Sport mode and the car's character changes immensely. I know it sounds ridiculous to even talk about a diesel limousine feeling like a rock n' roll performance car, but this thing lifts its immense spirits and charges down the Autobahn or steams up the Alps like a giant rocket. I've owned a 2015 C63 S wagon (375kW and 700Nm) so I know performance.

Fuel econony is phenomenal. I deliberately set the cruise control at 100km/h across Austria on my way to a friend's place. Over 300km I can achieve 4.7 litres per 100 kilometres (nearly 60mpg). When diesel is AUD$2.60 to $3.10 a litre, it's very helpful. I got the opportunity to cruise at 220km/h in Germany for hours, which returned a fuel consumption of 7.8L/100km, or more than 35mpg!

Note that I was still being overtaken like I was standing still by all sorts of exotica! So much fun for a car nut.

Inside is just a beautiful place to be. Everything works as advertised. I'm still discovering things inside the infotainment menus! The two giant screens combined with the variable mood lighting had some of my friends dubbing it 'The Space Ship'. Heated seats are a must in minus 10 to 20, and works well to keep one's tuckus warm!

Seating and steering wheel adjust to provide the perfect driving position, period. The steering feels perfectly weighted in every condition. No complaints there!

I've spent many nights reading the Owner's Manual and playing in the cabin. I am still nowhere near exploring everything this machine has to offer.

The car is a long wheelbase model and that is all about the rear passenger's comfort. Everyone who's ridden in the back have expressed amazement that they feel like they're floating on a cloud. The AIRMATIC suspension is to blame!

I just can't fault the car. Nothing rattles, squeaks or has fallen off. The tactile experience is perfection. I grin every time I approach or walk away from the car and certainly boast wearing silly grins while blasting across Europe at a standard 150 to 160 in France and 220 (with a burst to 240) in Germany.

The car has driven across, up, and over Scotland, England, Wales, France (on the Eurotunnel to get there - so cool), Switzerland (Furka Pass), Lichtenstein, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, San Marino and Monaco.

It's brilliant and I love it.

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