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2017 Kia Optima GT review

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My Kia Optima GT MY17, wow, what can I say? This car is amazing. Its performance, quality, price point, everything about this car has met my expectations.

The turbo engine is very responsive when needed, meaning city and highway driving are total pleasures. The fuel economy has been what I expected: great fuel economy when driven accordingly, but put the car in sports mode and, look out, it will use a little more fuel.

But the way the car performs is simply amazing. It has fantastic mid-range get up and go, and lets you know that you're now driving a car that can be rated right up there against any opposition in its class.

The car has done 12,000km and still feels as good as the first day. Its ride comfort is great, it handles all types of road surfaces and situations with ease. It has been faultless since new, which is what you would expect.

Its safety features are plentiful, and it's interesting to note that many features of my car have been adopted by the Kia Stinger. Considering the amount of features in this car, it will be interesting to see what Kia can do if it releases an updated model.

The finish of the Optima has met my expectations, from the paint work and panel alignment to the interior that has been tastefully thought out. Space in the cabin can handle five adults with ease, and room to spare. The boot can also carry a great range of items without a problem. Seating is firm and the support provided is more than adequate.

Overall, I can't fault my Kia Optima. I have owned many new cars over the years, and I would have to say that this stands out as being right up there.

Another point to note is the number of people who stop and look at the car, and make comments on how amazing it looks and ask what it is. Okay, I'll explain why this is so. I changed the Kia badges for the style that is used in Korea, so nowhere can one see the word Kia on my car, just the logo. Once they are told the brand, they are amazed, they ask lots of questions and look over the car – saying that they are very impressed and did not know Kia had such a car.

So after all of this, what improvements would I like? Updated to Apple CarPlay and possibly an eight-speed transmission. Any more than that and I would possibly have to look at a Stinger.