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2017 Audi Q2 1.4 TFSI Design review

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Downsizing from 7-seater (Kia Sorento) now that the kids have their own cars, I wanted a small, comfy SUV that would normally carry one or two occupants, with four at a stretch. Yes my knees and back are shot, so climbing down into a car is not fun.

After considering the Subaru XV and Toyota CHR, I was surprised that a 2-year old Audi Q2 was the same price as those.

Test drives were telling - this car has real speed and the most buttery smooth gearbox imaginable. The XV was just gutless and the CHR has a diabolical back seat - it is a cave.

This Q2 is basically a base model with LED lights, nicer and bigger alloys, and tinted windows added. It has leather all round, a lovely-in-the-hand steering wheel and the Audi infotainment system with the rotary dial. The dials and controls all feel nice to touch and work well.

The 7-inch screen is not a touchscreen, and that takes a little getting used to, but is fine within a week or so. Built in sat-nav is good, but Apple CarPlay navigation also works well.

My major gripes are that a car that retails for $40k+ does not have proximity key entry or push button start as standard (first world problems, I know, but my Kia had this).

The other gripe is storage - the rear boot holds suitcases alright but my standard size golf clubs do not fit without folding down the back seats. Now I never take more than one passenger with me to golf, so I can cope, but it is small.

The legroom in the back seat is limited if sitting behind a tall front seat occupant, although head room is fine, and the seats are comfy.

The ride is firm, and you do tend to crash over potholes and bigger speed bumps.

I really like the look of my ‘little truck’, and the cut-away slice on the sides is an attention grabber.

The fuel economy is great, and I am getting close to 800km to a full tank, with a lot of peak hour city driving included. It does need 95RON though.

The car is small and easy to drive and park. The driver's view is good.

I like the feel of the luxury cabin, and in the end the drive is fun. Putting your foot down sparks the turbo 1.4-litre engine into action in a very pleasing way.

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