Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017 veloce
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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce review

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This Giulia Veloce is an upgrade from my Giulietta. It is stylish, smooth, reliable, handles perfectly, sips fuel in Advanced Efficiency mode, and has not skipped a beat since purchase.

The seats are super premium and better than in the German opposition. Steering is telepathic and pin sharp. The motor pulls like a train and sounds lusty in Dynamic mode. In Normal mode, it accelerates with the urgency of an electric car.

Amazingly, fuel use is similar to the old 1.4-litre Giulietta. The paddle shifters are a true temptation and the suspension is lightning quick. It is also quiet and very comfortable.

The quality of materials is good – it's only the light gear lever that gives a less premium impression. The dash is clear and sat-nav effective. My wife and daughter enjoy the seats and are often found asleep within minutes of sitting down.

Handling, power, economy and reliability have been faultless over the last six months. A keen attention to steering, engine, suspension and transmission, coupled with adjustable active suspension, has harnessed a lawless chassis that is the best I have driven in a sedan. The motoring scribes second this impression.

Safety is also impressive. The radar speed and distance control, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot indicators and solid construction make for a very safe and unstressed drive. The new brake-by-wire, while taking a little adjustment, stops the car in a very short distance. The safety factor is palpable while driving fast. Passengers are unaware of the top-tier ANCAP safety, but feel very safe when riding in the car.

The sat-nav can take a while to program with the rotary dial, but it is accurate and prompt. It does not endanger the safety of the driver by distraction within the direct line of view. The sound from the Harman Kardon speakers is tight and crystal clear. An optional gas sunroof is a boon for cooling the car and providing an airy feel of spaciousness. It has an incredible feel on the road that is very rewarding.

The car has been faultless since purchase. The only visits to the dealer are to get a complementary car wash. The motor is well sealed and no dipsticks are required. It has not used any oil this last six months. The boot is large enough to accommodate everything we carry. Future models will add Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and touchscreen connectivity, which I do not have, but it will arrive in the next shipment. The excellent sound improves with a digital music source.

I find this a well balanced, practical, economical and very fast car. The interior is luxurious, especially in Pieno Fiore leather. It is a joy to drive day in and day out.