Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017 veloce
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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce review

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This is an update on the Giulia Veloce that was purchased in June 2017. It has since had its first service and a full update of the engine management and entertainment software.

It remains the best-looking car in the sedan universe, and constantly getting looks from men, women, children, adolescents and anyone with an eye for beauty. The performance remains startling. The progress in-cabin remains whisper quiet, with only a sporty thrum to remind the driver that it is accelerating furiously.

Fuel consumption in a predominantly urban environment is 8L/100km. This is fantastic given the dragster-like traffic of Sydney, where State Transit buses and dumpsters join P-platers in trying to chop and change lanes before digging the rightmost lane. Thus the brakes, anti-collision forward radar, blind-spot detection and excellent forward lights add to the 98 per cent rating, which tops the latest ANCAP crash figures for any car.

While seated, all controls are easily accessible, with the aluminium paddle-shifters well placed and tempting. The leather seats are a dream to sit on, and are so supportive that they are more than a match for seats in an expensive living room. The 14-speaker Harman Kardon surround sound is a revelation when listening to AC/DC . One can pick the location of the drummer, lead guitar and bass guitar from such an accurate system. Bass is not overly heavy, but can be dialled up as per the listener's ears.

The sunroof has performed flawlessly and is a godsend when trying to let the Sydney heat out. I have found the sat-nav unerringly accurate and effective in avoiding traffic. I have also learned to use the rotary control quickly, and this is very easily done.

The engine, transmission and driver are magically linked by a car designed to be driven and enjoyed. There is no corner that flusters this car, even the off-camber Sydney variety. Hills are devoured without a fuss, especially the long one heading up to the Mittagong exit leading to the Southern Highlands.

A fortnight of rain in Sydney highlighted the safety of this car in the wet. The wipers clear a large swathe of water and automatically speed up as necessary. The standard Bridgestone S001 run-flats are a revelation. On hot days last summer, the air-conditioner was flawless, likewise the ventilated heated seats in winter. All the while, the cabin climate control works to ensure a comfortable environment to minimise driver fatigue and calm the spirit continually being tortured by Sydney drivers,

This car has been utterly reliable, faultless and a pleasure to own. It has enough space for the family and my medical equipment.

I know that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity are in the next batch arriving. I also hope a protective layer can be applied below the front aero splitter and side skirts. These can be scraped on the ludicrously angled pavements and gutters around the suburbs. It may be that 360-degree cameras need to be installed to protect this beautiful car.