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2016 Volkswagen Passat 132 TSI Review

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When looking for an alternative to my FG XR6 turbo Falcon, I hadn't considered the new B8 Passat until I saw one in the flesh. Much better than the pictures indicate. However the small 1.8 turbo petrol was a concern but after a test drive I was sold.

The performance was amazing (with the standard 7-speed DSG) and also helped by the fact that it was almost 400kg lighter than my beloved Falcon. The similarities to much more expensive BMW 3 series, Mercedes C-Class and cousin Audi's A4 was amazing. This is a quality car and fuel economy around the 6-7 litres/100k was unbelievable.

The new cheaper price of this latest model puts it around the same price of the discontinued Falcon/Commodore but the quality and driving experience are worlds apart. When you add in all the latest technology, German build, a superb drive, amazing small capacity engine, outstanding fuel economy.. this car deserves a long test drive to be really appreciated.

After 2 weeks of ownership I am more and more impressed with the car. Little things like external courtesy lights from the outside mirrors when unlocking the car in the dark, automatic electric handbrake which is very convenient when driving in stop/start traffic, the 3 modes from the DSG gearbox ( Economy, Sport and Tip-tronic), automatic lights, wipers and dipping of rear view mirror, infotainment unit with google autoplay and mirror link, HUGE rear seating and cavernous boot with auto opening, keyless start, adjustable flat bottomed steering wheel etc etc.
Check out all these STANDARD features and be amazed at the value in this car.

The king is dead...long live the (New) King.