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2016 Volkswagen Golf 92 TSI Comfortline review

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Before I purchased my new Golf TSI Comfortline in March this year, I spent many hours searching various motoring websites for car reviews, and Forum sites for a list of cars that might suit me (e.g.; Mazda3, Kia Cerato, Hyundai i30 and Elantra, Toyota Corolla – and I even test-drove a Kia Si Sportage Diesel).

I was looking for a vehicle that could provide me with good ride comfort, low cabin noise, good handling and performance, good economy, braking and safety features.

None of the cars I tested could provide the overall combination of smoothness, quietness, ride comfort, equipment levels and performance of the Golf Comfortline.

Even though the DSG in the Golf was smoother and better behaved than the DSG I had in my Octavia, it can still require some concentration when parking and taking off from a standstill. I can understand why some don’t like it. I found the best way to take-off smoothly from a standstill or a roundabout is to press gently on the accelerator for a split second and then take off.

I am aware of Volkswagen’s poor customer service and DSG reliability problems in the past, but since I am in a fortunate situation where I can trade-in my cars every 2½ to 3 years, long term reliability is not an issue for me – but driving enjoyment is.

I have owned the Golf now for eight months, and recently had my first 15,000 km service ($330) with no problems. When I drove away from the dealership, my car felt so much better. The steering feel increased, the ride seemed smoother, and there seemed to be less road noise. I rang the service centre and enquired as what tyre pressures they used, and I was told that they usually put in 36-37 psi in all four tyres. I have been previously putting in 31 psi in the front tyres and 33 psi in rear, as stated on inside door placard (Michelin Energy tyres – 205/55/16). What a difference tyre pressures can make to the handling and ride of a car. I now run 36 psi in all my tyres, and although I may feel the bumps a bit more on some B-grade country roads, the ride is still comfortable and smooth.

I have been averaging about 6.0L/100km or 750km a tank on premium petrol – 70 per cent highway and 30 per cent city driving,

• My iPhone 4 won’t charge via the 12 volt socket. I’ve been told by the Volkswagen technicians that it must be the fault of the adaptor cable and USB connector I’m using – the jury is still out on that one.
• The CD player is located in the Glovebox – takes up storage space and is awkward to get to when wanting to change CDs.
• The brakes, while strong and great to use when slowing down on corners at speed, can sometimes be a bit sensitive and abrupt at lower speeds when braking quickly. Not a real problem, but I would still prefer a more linear feel to the brakes.