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2016 Toyota HiLux SR5 (4x4) Review

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After driving a toyota hiace van for many years, last year I purchased a 2015 HiLux SR5 double cab pick up purely on the fact that my Hiace had got me to work, "whether I liked it or not" reliably for 15 years. Even after reading many reviews that put it out to pasture, I chose the HiLux.

At the time I purchased the 2015 the price had been slashed so I put every accessory I could justify " TO THE WIFE" aboard. That pushed the price up just above 60k drive away. 3 days ago I purchased a 2016 SR5 dual cab pick up, same colour, same transmission, all the same accessories. It was around $8000 more expensive than the 2015, but I did hold the value on the 2015.

6 days a week I travel to Melbourne from Geelong Around 140km return with my son 6ft, a Samoan rugby league player 6ft 2 plus my business partner, a 6ft Greek who's built like a brick, "you get my drift." We have traveled every day in the 2015 without a complaint even though the road we travel on leaves a lot to be desired with plenty of bumps and potholes and lunatics that seem to want to get to work faster despite the safety of others swapping lanes and cutting others off which means heavy braking and extreme concentration at 5.30 am.

The return journey is worse, so after 60 000km in 12 months of trouble free motoring 6 services and not a problem "didn't put a spanner to it." We have moved up and the difference is amazing. The boys in the back, 1 an Amarok owner were happy that they weren't getting thrown about at all and the split fold rear seat with the centre cup holders made there morning coffee much more pleasureable so A+ from them.

Up the front the set up is "instrumentation wise," basically the same as the Toyota Camry hybrid, I know this as my wife has the Atara SL 2016 hybrid. Under the bonnet the new 2.8 litre is smooth quiet and quick with the eco set when you start up push the power button and there is plenty of grunt.

The new canopy, alloy bullbar, snorkel towbar, roofracks and seatcovers Toyota genuine...