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2016 Toyota HiLux SR (4x4) Review

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I received my new HiLux 2000km ago as a new work ute replacing a 2013 Colorado.

First impressions are good.
It has zero turbo lag, excellent fuel economy (best 8.7 L/100 avg 9.6/100), Excellent blue tooth, easy to drive and very little road noise.

The average stuff
Power button is a joke, all it does is make the accelerator so sensitive it makes it jerky to drive.
Seats are very hard, no digital speed read out, sixth gear is a waste unless you in the NT doing 130.

The bad stuff
Why has the cruise control not changed for 10 years and not moved to steering wheel controls like every other new car out there.
Floor mats are hopeless, they don't cover the floor so all dirt/sand go straight onto the carpet.

Only a couple of hiccups so far.
I had it in 4L and then wouldn't come out at all, eventually did.
It does idle high very often(once every 7-10 days) to do a filter clean (emissions stuff), this produces so much heat out the exhaust it will wilt and kill grass, but it obviously is very clean because there is next to no black soot on my tail pipe at all after 2000kms.

Overall great all round ute much better then the Colorado to drive but I do miss the climate control, having a volume knob, and digital speed read out from the holden.

Like all Toyota's it will have an excellent resale that alone is a good reason to buy over its competitors, but it's funny that the 13/14/ 15 model HiLux has not dropped in price much with the new model out.