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2016 Toyota HiLux SR (4x4) Review

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I have had my 2016 HiLux for over a month and I do like it.

I tow a 1.7 tonne trailer most of the time and it handles great. The power, the steering and the breaks are great and such a nice ride. Like the old HiLux it has lots of drink holders, which is a big tick for me but not much cabin storage like behind the rear seats, this needs to change. I love the look and height of the car.

The fixed priced servicing costs are cheap but time will tell if there are any problems.

My wife has a 2015 Forester and the dash display is a third of the size and has clearly three times the good information you need on it. The HiLux dash display is terrible, yes the screen is big but it would be good if all the useful information was on it at once instead of having to flick through it all.

The drivers vision is not the best as well but the thing that really gets me is that there is NO CLUTCH FOOT REST. This makes it very uncomfortable for long drives.

The gears - It is nice and easy to change gears with a soft clutch but having the reverse gear next to the first gear it just plain dangerous, especially with no gear lock. How did this pass the safety test? I have already put it in reverse twice, luckily with no one behind me. They must change this.

Over all I do like the car but I just would have thought by now they would have covered the small stuff too.

Thanks Tom