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2016 Subaru Liberty 2.5i Review

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Having this vehicle for one day as a loan car, it impressed myself to a degree where I have to share my thoughts on it.

For such a small engine with a 129KW, the 2.5L 4 Cylinder gets the car moving and isn't much of a slouch despite the CVT transmission. The CVT does affect the quality of the drive being a bit jerky and delayed acceleration. But once going, for such a big car it's no slouch.

The EyeSight System works extremely well. The Adaptive Cruise Control works well even in traffic but when going over 40km/h doesn't react to stationary vehicles. I encountered people suddenly stopping and the car would react without a touch to slow down. The lane departure warning works well but shame this model doesn't have the presence of blind spot monitoring.

The quality of the interior. The presence of soft touch materials in the cabin is impressive. It is leather on the door arm rests, centre console lit etc. The seats are not leather but are still very comfortable, and high quality. I had no trouble with the infotainment system despite other reviews saying it's a little outdated. I enjoyed using it and worked well for me. Only thing is the car's voice control is very slow and takes a while to make a call: For example, it would be much quicker if you just used your phone. What is disappointing is there is no option for front or rear sensors on any model of the Liberty, there is a reversing camera which is good enough for reversing but this day in age you need parking sensors.

The Liberty is an extremely well put together car. Driving over bumps and through pot holes the car soaks them up well with no rattles or anything sounding like the car is falling apart. The steering is light and accurate. The Start/Stop system is impressively silent when stopping, you don't even realise the car has stopped even with the radio off. When turning back on, it is very jerky and lags off the line. The Air Conditioning is very silent and works well with easy to use controls. The cabin is very quiet with little to no road noise when travelling either slowly or at speed.

The Subaru Liberty is a very good car. Very solid, safe with extreme good value. The high servicing costs, parts and short servicing intervals mean it has a little higher ownerships cost into the future. But in my opinion, it is worth it.