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2016 Subaru Impreza 2.0i-S (AWD) Review

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I purchased the car for my wife because I like the feature of the all wheel drive, the sat nav is so easy to use even for my wife and the hands free phone is another great feature.
The car drives like a train on tracks compared to other brands. Especially around winding roads like the Dandenong Ranges and wet road surfaces. The safety features are very good like most cars of this particular size.

The noisy tyres can be an issue on some road surfaces. So I decided to increase the tyre pressure to 34psi and has made a lot of difference. It would have been nicer with a turbo engine but then my wife would loose the car on the first corner. I really considered a WRX for her but under the circumstances above. I opt for the non turbo.

All in all a great car on gravel roads and highways. Not bad either on corrugated roads. The paint, body gaps, plenty of glass and sunroof make the car better than some rivals. The grandkids love the sunroof and when we stop we open the roof for them to pop their heads out to have a look around (At this stage the car is stationary).

The best litre per 100 was 5.8 on a return drive to Bendigo and back to Melbourne. Very happy with that result.

The best part is the heated front seats but please remember to turn them off on hot days because your bum will soon let you know.

Would we purchase another Subaru? Definitely!