Renault Megane 2016 gt-line premium
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2016 Renault Megane GT-Line Premium review

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After having a company car for the past 30 years, I had to purchase my own car after retirement. I wanted a car that was economical as I had to pay for the fuel myself.

The Renault Megane GT-Line 1.5-litre turbo diesel gives me just over 1000km per tank at around 58L to fill. The car has plenty of power and handles well. It is very comfortable with all the mod cons that new cars have nowadays, from climate control to the full-length sunroof that opens at the front section only. The sat-nav doesn't work by voice control, but once mastered is easy to use.

Most people are impressed with the look of the car, give positive comments and find it very comfortable inside. This car easily tows a small trailer loaded with firewood. It's great to drive around town or on the highway. It has good climate control air-conditioning but no vents to the rear seats. There is plenty of storage space in the rear with compartments under the floor for storage etc.

There's no full-size spare, but at least it has one. The handy rear compartment net supplied can be easily installed if carrying a dog in the back and you don't want them jumping into the rear seat. The seats lie flat so you can carry long items, and my pushbike fits in without removing the front wheel.

I have owned the Renault for 2.5 years and have had only one issue with the transmission, when it overheated while backing up my driveway with the trailer attached on a very hot day. Renault service checked the car but did not find an issue with the transmission. They put it down to the fact that I drive with both feet, and this apparently confused the computer. I now only drive with the right foot and have not had any further issues. This is a great-looking car and easy to live with.

The peace of mind with a five-year warranty and three-year fixed-price servicing convinced me to purchase a Renault Megane wagon. I would consider replacement of this vehicle with another Renault.