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2016 Porsche Cayman GTs Review

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I never intended to buy this Porsche. I went on a journey, test driving a variety of vehicles including M3, M4, C63AMG and then moved on to the F-type R/S and even a Lotus Exige S.

I then ended up in a Porsche dealership and test drove the base 2.7l Cayman - it was sublime, in fact it made cars like the M3 and C63AMG feel ponderous and blunt.

I immediately placed an order for the Cayman GTS in Racing Yellow with PTV and PDK. I also added a number of items from Porsche Exclusive to personalise the car including custom dials and a few other touches.

At the end of the day I was lucky and received an allocation/ build date. The wait was painful but ultimately worthwhile.

How to describe the car? Stunning is a good word, in the flesh the GTS looks magnificent in Racing Yellow contrasting sharply with the matte black finished 20 inch Carrera S wheels and grille finishes.

The GTS is noticeably different to the S and base model as it has a distinctive and longer front and real rear diffuser at the back (plus blackened rear and front lights).

The interior is largely a blend of Alcantara and grey to black leather - it simply works and feels both classy and plush at the same time.

The sports plus seats provide great comfort and hold both the driver and passenger in place during spirited driving - the Alcantara insets work very well in this regard.

The driving position and visibility are both excellent.

The 340HP/250kw GTS is a great set-up with Porsche Active Suspension Management (drops the car 20mm) which allows the driver to switch between comfort and sport settings on the fly.

There are three drive modes, normal, sport and sport plus.

Normal mode is very benign and great for daily driving (coasting and engine cut is enabled for improved fuel economy).

Hit sport and the theatrics begin - the accelerator response is sharpened noticeably, the performance sports exhaust fires up and the third radiator is activated.

Moving through the rev range in sports mode is genuinely epic fun - the redline is just below 8000rpm, at this point the engine is howling and the exhaust sound is probably the best of any production car outside of a 458.

Hit the sports plus button and the car is in effect switched to race mode, again throttle response is sharpened and launch control is activated (my particular car has been VBOXED as follows 0-60mph 4.17, 1/4mile 12.61 at 114.72mph - average three runs in sports plus with launch control).

Its worth pointing out this is not a numbers car - its party trick is its handling which can only be described as sublime, the mid-engined lay out gives the car amazing balance, this coupled with the precise and accurate steering allows you to tip the car into any corner at great speed.

The car is very neutral, no sign of understeer and easily controllable oversteer if so desired.

On the track the limits are very very high, this is a seriously quick track car with great grip - as you approach the margins of its grip the breakaway is exceptionally gentle - in fact the whole experience is almost telepathic - the car just does what you want it to do, when you want it to.

The daily driving and track performance are significantly improved by the PDK - this is an exceptional gear box. Importantly you can drive it as a manual or full "auto". The most effective use is to set the car in auto and use the paddles as you need to - best of both worlds and unbeatable flexibility.

Are there any negatives? I struggle to find anything negative of note, other than the doors are long (parking) and I have to reach around the gear stick to adjust the volume. I don't particularly like the P Zeros in the wet, they are definitely a dry weather performer.

So to conclude, in my view this is the best handling car that sensible money can buy. Make no mistake, the 981 GTS is far better the 991 and 991S (unless you want 4 "seats"). M cars are nowhere near as dynamic - not even close.

One of the great drivers cars, I cant give it a higher accolade.