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2016 Nissan Pathfinder ST (4x2) review

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Having been a Nissan family over the years, owning a Pulsar, X-Trail and most recently a Murano, it was difficult entering the market looking for something that could compare.

We test drove several other competitor vehicles but it was the fuel efficiency and the size of the boot that ultimately drew us to the Pathfinder. We have daughters that dance so are always on the road (fuel efficiency) and they have so much stuff! (Big boot space)

We love the sleek look of the current shape and although it is markedly bigger than the Murano it is so easy to manoeuvre through traffic, drives effortlessly up hills and looks sexy!

Although we have only had the vehicle for two weeks and are still learning some of new features, something we do love is the ability to control the climate in all three zones, and because our teen and 'tween daughters rarely agree on anything they now have to find something else to fight about – which is who gets to charge their phone. Probably the only downside so far is the fact the vehicle has only one USB port – several cigarette type (12-volt) charging points but that's just another accessory we need to have in the car.

We love the warning systems, too. I can now check my tyres while the vehicle is active and for a female that may or may not have driven her previous vehicles with too little or too much air this is a great feature for me. LOL.

Engine-wise – it does the drive effortlessly, is super quiet and makes driving a dream – check the website for the technical guff.

Super happy with our purchase!