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2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Exceed (4x4) Review

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We looked at many 4x4 vehicles that were not the traditional elevated tanks since we love our off road trips but also do a lot of city driving.

The Pajero Sports was appealing on many fronts. The exterior style and technology features are of a high standard and were big draw cards. The reversing cameras and guides for parking are a big plus. The connectivity with smartphones also converts text messages into voice which is a great feature with the necessity of hands free driving. We also find this car very fuel efficient (especially after having previously had a Jeep Wrangler). This in itself has always been one of Mitsubishi's draw cards.

The exterior has style. The front lights are bright, shapely and add to the stylish look. Space is certainly adequate and by being slightly narrower it makes parking easier so worth the minimal compromise on interior space. We've taken it out on one beach drive and it handled very well. The steering was excellent and it was a 4x4 experience that matches rivals.

After driving the Pajero for one month there are a few clear problems with this vehicle. At this price the rear boot should automatic close hands-free like others in its class, but it's old fashioned manual. Also the doors auto lock and to open them you have to use the very old fashioned ducky licks next to the handle whereas it should be auto push button on the arm rest! We could live with these two issues but the worst feature is how uncomfortable the front seats are. The leather is good quality but the sitting is not soft and contoured inside the seat correctly. Its uneven and lumpy as if there is a padding issue, and after 10 minutes in the seat you're shifting around. This issue is serious enough to want to return the vehicle!