Mitsubishi Outlander 2016 xls (4x4)
Owner Review

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS (4x4) review

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I updated to the Mitsubishi Outlander XLS diesel from a 2008 Nissan X-Trail diesel auto, a great little performer, and was disappointed that it wasn't available with a higher towing capacity in the newer model. Hence, I looked around at all the midsize SUVs to find a two-tonne, 200kg ball weight towing vehicle.

The Outlander ticked the boxes, and since owning the vehicle I have been very impressed with it towing my fully laden caravan of 1500kg. The 360Nm of torque gives a good towing cruise speed of 100km/h and uses around 10.5–11L/100km.

Being diesel, I thought the noise in the vehicle would be loud and truck-like, but to my surprise – and a number of friends who have travelled in it – the noise control is very good, and better than I expected.

I like the little things that came with this vehicle, such as rear reversing sensors, the reverse camera (more on that later), all the stability controls, dimming rear-view mirror, rain-sensing wipers et cetera. Things change in eight years...

The cabin is quite roomy, and I like that I can slide onto the seat, not climb up or fall down (I am 183cm tall with a crook back). With four large adults in the vehicle, we have had plenty of room. The climate-control air-con is great – set and forget. I like that!

Overall, I am really happy with this car. The gearbox works well, the economy is great, service intervals are good (15,000km or 12 months), and it is a pleasure to drive.

In my opinion, there are some things Mitsubishi could improve on:
1. The reverse camera quality is poor and the location is to the left-hand side of the vehicle, which makes it difficult for lining up the tow ball, and at night the reverse light whites out the camera and is too glary to look at on the screen. But I would rather have it than not.
2. There is no lumbar support in the seats and I need to have an insert for my back – didn't in the X-Trail. Also, the seat squabs need to be longer to support your legs – maybe I'll just shorten my legs.

Overall, I have been more than happy with the vehicle. Give me another five years and I will let you know how it has been. (Kilometres at time of writing 5400km.)