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2016 Mercedes-Benz C300 Review

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100k sounds a lot but there is a whole lot of car here - so impressed. This is my 9th Merc since the 1980's so I've seen and experienced them evolved, from S classes to my 1996 280 SL. Letting go of the SL to the C300 coupe was worth it, these modern Mercedes or cars in general are on another level. I find it hard to imagine anything coming close in technological leadership than the C class coupe or even further, the up and coming E class.

For now I am very impressed with the quality of build throughout - I opted not to take the heated seats and left the (very unreliable in my opinion) AirMatic. I was quite disappointed there wasn't a 4Matic variant in Sydney.

If you have room for a muck-about car you can't go past the coupe if you want to appear unique - not many could afford it and for others it would just not be practical.

I totally agree with the CarAdvice review in regard to bang for your buck between the lower range coupe to the 300. There are so many different added features such as interior with leather and the Burmester souround sound to the command online link on the GPS and to the even further driver assist features which makes me feel like I am piloting rather than driving. The difference in price is minor in comparison to getting much more for the 300. I ended up after tax walking away $104k lighter.

Mine is Iridium Silver with black interior throughout with the unique ashwood laser cut centre console. Exterior is fantastic! Genuine AMG rims as standard which are larger at the back 35 profile at negative camber gives this car a great drive. As previously reported I opted out of the scary at high speed AirMatic, I am still quite impressed and very satisfied with the drive.

When you hit the accelerator right down to the little button at the floor underneath the pedal, the car's inline acceleration is stable and precise. The concern about this was the electronic steering, from what I know of most reviews about the steering feature is the lack of development - well let me tell you Mercedes-Benz is on top of it. The steering feels nice and natural and precise. Beautiful steering wheel.

Other driver electronic features are the vehicle performance adjustment settings. The choice between Eco Comfort Sport and Sport + through a slick 7 speed auto gearbox. I am quite disappointed that I couldn't buy it with a traditional 6 cylinder c300 variant. This totally wastes the first 2 gears as the shift through both is in a split second. Though ultimately performance with the 180kw 4 cylinder does compensate in real performance as a replacement of a standard 300 6 cylinder. Just very revvy and noisy with strange ticking from the engine when standing outside. And for some reason even though there is a sports exhaust fitted standing revving won't reveal it. For some reason with what they've done it only changes tone when floored, giving V8-like depth.

A small thing wrong with the car - the information screen is not touch screen, which absolutely sucks for such a technologically enhanced car. Also there is no spare tyre at all

To tell you the truth I can hardly see a car get better - or better looking.

In short such a great car! I enjoy driving it every day, every second actually thats how spectacular this car is.
A touch of sport on tap with limousine ride when going for a soft drive.

Can't wait for 2019 to upgrade