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2016 Mazda CX-9 Azami (AWD) Review

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We wanted a bigger more feature rich car than our old CX-7 without the expensive fuel guzzling. Something that allows for a few longer family road trips with our teen kids and all their stuff but is still good in the city.

The Azami fits the bill on paper and after two months I can say it lives up to expectation. We've driven it nearly 4,000km, half of which was up to Mt Hotham and the rest in the city and expressway driving.

The heads up display, safety and driver assistance technologies are great. The finish both inside and out is top quality. Plenty of power, given that on paper the engine seemed to be a tad small for such a big car and there is no turbo lag like our old CX-7 suffered.

Fuel economy is around 11.2l/100 vs the 14.7 I used to get on the CX-7, and it's regular unleaded so a bit of a win to make up for the higher pricing of the top model - though not the 8.9 or so promised in the specs.

No complaints about the transmission, I simply don't notice it except when I want to and throw it into sports mode for a bit more Zoom, and thats a good thing!

The entertainment system is a bit clunky and sometimes doesn't auto connect to my phone - can't wait for the promised updates next year. I do love having DAB though. Would have liked to see vents to the 3rd row, heated middle seats, cooling in the front seats and a bit more functionality to the drivers position memory, mirrors and steering wheel, and maybe remote starting. But these are relatively minor.

We love it! it looks really good, best looking 7 seater in my book. The Japanese build quality is great and offers quality and features more akin with expensive European luxury vehicles. This is my second Mazda, both SUVs, and it just reinforces my positive views of the brand, its values and fit with my family's lifestyle.