Mazda 6 2016 gt safety
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2016 Mazda 6 GT Safety review

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Bought this brand new in 2016 to replace an increasingly unreliable Peugeot 407 coupe. I decided on a wagon for the extra versatility.

It certainly looks good – slightly aggressive and imposing but with a rakish rear.

Space-wise, it is large enough for the three of us in my family.

As many testers have said, the noise suppression is not as good as it should be for a 'premium' car. You certainly have to turn the volume up on the radio more than you should. I guess part of the good fuel economy is due to less insulation being carried around.

Fuel consumption over 35,000km is holding steady at 7.7 L/100 km; not as good as Mazda's claimed figure. I'd like to get the figure into the low 7s. I use 98 RON fuel.

One 'issue' or, rather 'characteristic' of the Skyactiv technology is the occasional hesitancy when you need to pick up speed quickly after slowing down (but not completely stopping) in a line of slow-moving traffic (for example, at a junction). Sometimes the computer 'thinks' you are going to stop and prepares the car for doing so, when you are really wanting give it some beans. This can cause lag in the acceleration until the system realises what is happening. This is the one thing Mazda needs to improve with the Skyactiv system, I think.

Ride and handling balance is okay, although I wouldn't say it has exceptional handling. It's fairly stable in long, sweeping bends, and not too bad through tighter, twisty stuff.

The ride is good – I'd say the suspension is setup for a softer feel – but the 19-inch wheels and lower-profile tyres, while fairly grippy, don't cushion the bumps as well as they should.

I'm surprised Mazda jumped from 17-inch on the Touring and Sport spec levels to 19-inch on the GT and Atenza, rather than offering an 18-inch wheel. Still, the wheels look nice.

In wet weather, it's easy to spin the wheels pulling out of junctions or from the lights. It's best to use the manual mode and slip it in second gear.

Infotainment system fairly easy to use once you have spent some time familiarising yourself with it. Trip computer, paddle-shifters and cruise control are all easy to use. Speed and red light camera location warnings are useful, as well as the speed limit warning. Blind-spot monitoring system is useful as an extra check on what is going one around you.

Heating/cooling and the heated seats are good, and the sunroof is a nice touch.

I'm not too worried about the service intervals of six months/10,000km. The engine doesn't seem to use much oil or coolant between services, and the tyres hold pressure fairly well (although there is no tyre pressure monitoring system).

Spare wheel is a spare-saver and there is no option for a full-size one.

The digital display on the head-up display unit is good – I find I prefer looking at it to the standard dial – but it can be awkward to read if there is rain sitting on the windscreen where the wipers don't clear or in certain light conditions.