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2016 Kia Sorento Platinum (4x4) Review

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After trialing various seven seaters SUV, we narrowed our list down to only three: Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Kluger and Kia Sorento.

I still think that Toyota Kluger has the best ride and handling amongst the three, but it is very thirsty. Both Santa Fe and Sorento that we tested were using diesel and they were very good. The Kia Sorento won in our balanced scorecard - especially the 7 years warranty and the price & features.

We bought our Kia Sorento Platinum about a month ago; an ex-demo platinum with around 2,000 km and still 10 months long rego but with a price almost $10k cheaper than if you buy it brand new.

So far, everything is very good with the exception of the automatic electronic hands free tail gate feature; for some reasons it does not work and we are going to ask the dealer next time it is due for it's regular service.

The fuel economy is exceptional considering it is a heavy 7 seaters and all the technology and connectivity features are quite user friendly, I can work them out without looking at the manual.

Talking about the manual, or manuals because it comes with not just one book but at least three books; they are the thickest bible's I have ever seen in my life for a car manual, very detailed but discouraging people to read them due to the level of comprehensiveness. It may be a good thing or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. I wish there was a soft-copy of the manuals available somewhere and perhaps they are once I find out with my dealer. Actually a quick google search found me one now, but don't know yet whether this is the same as the hardcopy that I have.