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2016 Jaguar F-Type V6 S review

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In early 2016 I replaced my XKR supercharged 5.0 V8 with the F-Type supercharged 3.0 V6 S. I had expected to keep the XKR for a long time but ultimately a combination of a roving eye and outdated media defeated that.

I won't say that I went out and checked all of the different GT cars on offer before settling on the F-Type. I always expected to eventually move to one as I am quite the Jaguar fan, although the XKR was such a good car as a daily driver that the F-Type was going to involve some compromise.

Ultimately I wanted something very pretty, nice to drive, with modern tech, front-engined (for the shape), and with a good soundtrack. This ticked all of the boxes at a price significantly lower (or an age significantly newer) than anything else I liked, and after driving it and realising that it is much more comfortable than I expected, I was pretty much sold.

The car is truly awesome to drive. The soundtrack is insane even at street legal speed, so no need to drive like a fool to get the joy.

It handles brilliantly (but it is said not as good as the Porsche Cayman) and the power is very usable. Essentially it can be driven enthusiastically without danger although, the back end still likes to step out on you, which is a common characteristic of Jags but nowhere near as much as the much more powerful XKR.

Ultimately though, the combination of a better gearbox (eight-speed auto which is lightning fast) and faster rear suspension means that there is plenty of traction, so the 0-100km/h sprint time is better than the XKR.

The car has no space behind the front seats, not even a parcel shelf. There is some storage in the front but nearly everything has to go in the hatch which has plenty of capacity once the spare comes out. I can fit in a carton of beer and three cases of wine, with room for some snacks as well. Or the week's shopping, depending on priorities!

So as a replacement for the XKR it is essentially quicker, steers better, handles better, and arguably looks better, the interior is much more modern and the infotainment is much better (but no voice activated phone!).

The six-cylinder sounds awesome with plenty of sound coming into the cabin (unlike the XKR which was relatively quiet inside) though, personally I prefer the sound of a decent eight. It is pretty economical (around 12L/100km city driving) and much cheaper to register and insure than the V8.

On the downside the performance seats are very firm though they are starting to soften up, and had a silly seam in the middle that initially rubs on your spine. It came with a sports body kit that is too wide and makes getting in and out of the car ungainly – personally I'd do without it.

I have a slight regret that I didn't buy a manual, which I think would suit the character of the car better (as good as the auto is, and it is great), though that would be a decision that the heart made over the head because I'd be slaughtered at trade-in time.

But for a fun, gorgeous and relatively practical GT which oozes class and can be used as a daily driver, this is really worth looking at.