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2016 Infiniti Q70 3.7 S Premium Review

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The best car I've ever bought. I think my car is as good as a Bentley. A superb car overall.

I completed a Melbourne to Noosa return trip averaging 8.4L/100km. It's been 5500km of pure satisfaction, reliability, handling and very good build quality. As an ex-Holden test driver, I've never been in a better car.

Infiniti, congratulations on a world class car that turns heads every day. A lot of people walk over to me and say, "Beautiful car you're driving. Where can I buy one?" Infiniti Brighton, that's where. A very family friendly dealership. This has been the most exciting purchase value for money-wise. We had a very good salesman and our after sales support has been great. You will be very impressed.

Having done nearly one million test kilometres as a Holden test driver I'm the most treasured owner of a 2016 Infiniti Q70 S sedan purchased brand new in June 2016. There should be more of these on the road.

Yes, I really know my cars. Average fuel on suburban/country loops is 9L/100 km. Ample boot space.Very good exterior paint job. All seats are very comfortable and the front seats have a lot of adjustment for all sizes.

During heavy rain and a lot of road water, handling and control is very good. HVAC system works very well and all controls for the vehicle are well placed. No brake squeal ever noticed. The vehicle has now covered 13,500km since new.

Last weekend, the trip from Melbourne to Yackandandah and return to Melbourne was a pleasant drive. Handling was very good through the mountains from Wodonga to Yackandandah then Beechworth to Melbourne.

Go for a Q70 S test drive. You will be impressed.