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2016 Hyundai Tucson Highlander R-Series (AWD) review

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In short, this is a fantastic car.

We've only had it one week, but we absolutely love it. We did consider a Mazda CX-5 but it would have been over $8000 more than the Tucson while also lacking some of the features. And a small sunroof as opposed to the moonroof in the Tucson and no powered tailgate.

The diesel engine is powerful and the styling and look of the car is great. I am disappointed the Highlander does not come with Apple CarPlay or memory seats and the car's sound system is average at best. The ventilated seats, though, are fantastic for hot days.

The cargo space is great. We have fitted a lot of items in there since we bought it, and I would definitely recommend getting the boot liner as an accessory. We did.

The spare wheel is full-sized and matches the rims on the car which is a nice inclusion, especially these days where space-saver spares or run-flats are becoming increasingly the norm. And the factory-fitted Continental tyres are good especially in the wet.

The HID headlights are very bright and clear and the running lights integrated into the headlights look great.

The automatic tailgate is a great idea however, the automatic feature (standing behind it for five seconds with the key in your pocket) can be very annoying. We have since switched it off.

All in all, for $49,500 drive-away, the Hyundai was great value and includes some very up-market features that are normally only in $60k + cars .

It ticked all the boxes and we are very happy with it. I never would have thought I would buy a Hyundai but have given it a go and so far, I am very, very impressed.