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2016 Honda Civic VTi-L Review

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I love this car.

I needed to upgrade as I have three children, and my previous car was getting too small for us all to fit in.

My only issue has been that the left hand indicator camera sometimes disconnects the phone connectivity, even if it is plugged in with a cable. I have an iPhone. I've taken the car back three times over this issue, but because it is an intermittent problem that can't be replicated on demand I've had no resolution. The left hand indicator is pretty much useless for me as a result.

Aside from this small issue, I love the car. Being a sporty car it is quite low, even lower to the ground than my previous car, the Honda Jazz. Back seat leg room is extremely generous, as is the boot size. I have a baby seat in the back and can still comfortably seat my two teenage children as well. The seats are firm, but certainly better than most vehicles I've considered. My only complaint here could be that the headrest pushes my head forwards uncomfortably, however this could be an issue with my height. Unfortunately it is unable to be adjusted to suit me any better.

The drive is smooth and comfortable with little, if any, road noise. It's a bit trickier to park than my Jazz but that's to be expected after having such a compact little car before. Parking assist sensors help here, as does the reverse parking camera.

Entertainment system is good. The speakers give great sound and I like the fact there are no buttons or dials; just the touch screen. It's a good sized screen too, larger than any of the comparable cars I looked at.

Style-wise, it's a beautiful car to look at - to me anyway. I did spend the extra money (about $130 including installation) on a full set of mudguards, as the tyres are close to the vehicle and there is no protection from anything flicked up from the road. I highly recommend investing in them.

I mostly drive to and from work, going up and down a hill. Depending on if I drive on the highways on the weekends, my average fuel consumption is 7.9 to 9.6 litres of fuel per 100km. I get roughly 500km to a tank.

I looked at other cars but returned to Honda after such a wonderful experience with my Jazz, and highly recommend Honda to others. I am being patient with my issue with phone connectivity as I have bought the vehicle in the first week the new model was released and know they will be working to iron out any issues.

Highly recommended.