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2016 Holden Colorado LTZ (4x4) Review

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**DISCLAIMER - This is not my car, but is owned by my father. I have driven it quite a few times while at home on holidays without my car, these are my experiences**

I've always had and driven small cars and performance sedans, like my old tuned Audi A4 and my current Fiesta ST so getting in a car that's almost as big as a house was a little disconcerting, especially when backing out of the driveway without using my trusty rear camera in the Fiesta. However, once on the go, this was a surprisingly easy car to drive for a big ute. Visibility all round was excellent with the big side mirrors and the good view from the rear view mirror. The parking sensors really helped when reversing into some of the tighter spots considering how long this beast is.

What can I say about the engine except holy crap. The amount of torque in this thing was unbelievable, good pulling power all the way to redline, which I may or may not have done a few times... (Shhh, don't tell my dad!) From memory, after hearing said father brag about it, was something in the region of 550nm and I had no reason to doubt after my first drive.

The interior was a pleasant place to be, spacious and the seats were comfortable for the use. No bucket seats needed to keep you in place, because you wouldn't be punting this around the streets for fear of rolling... The stereo puts out some decent sound, although I can't say I'm a fan of the all touch operation, call me old fashioned but I like a volume knob to turn down while I'm looking for an address.

There's plenty of space for all your random stuff that accumulates in the car, like keys, phone and empty bottles of water in the doors and the middle of the front seats.

Coming from owning nothing but manual cars and driving very few automatics, it was an adjustment taking this for a spin. Though I did learn how good the brakes were after accidentally mistaking them for a clutch and stomping on them. (Note to self, autos don't have a clutch pedal)
Hint: They're pretty good.

I unfortunately cannot comment on servicing costs or anything associated with owning this car, as it isn't mine. But from my short time driving the Storm Trooper (as he is affectionately known) around Townsville and the Sunshine Coast, I would highly consider this as a ute if I were in the market. Nice and easy to drive, looks great in and out, nice torquey engine, imposing presence on the road (when done right) and just all around in offensive.

I think next time I'm home, I might see if I can convince the old fella to let me take it off road... Another review to come.