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2016 Holden Captiva 7 Ltz (AWD) Review

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Absolutely LOVE THIS SUV!!

This is by far the best SUV for price and comfort on the road for 2016. Holden has definitely delivered a first prize SUV for 2016! The Captiva 7 LTZ wins hands down above all the rest!

I love the new idea of no cd player with 2 USB ports in its place and much easier to manage your music with a Awesome sound system. I love the leather interior and sunroof. The ride in this SUV is the most comfortable I've had to many previous Holdens and is a whole new level and experience and makes a most enjoyable drive every time it leaves my garage.

The whole new design of the front end is most impressive and turns heads everywhere I go! I love all the little hidden compartments, especially beneath the drink holders in the centre console and also the hard durable cover arm rest in the centre console.

The first three year free servicing is excellent and also the first year free roadside assist. The 19 inch wheels look great and definitely add to the comfort of the ride and handling. The folding rear seats give plenty of room for carrying large cargo and the front passenger seat that folds down flat is a excellent idea and helps with those long items that wouldnt of fit otherwise. I love the key remote with the hidden key to open the drivers door and that its not bulky like previous key remotes.

Overall the Captiva 7 is very impressive and a must have for every family.

Thank you very much Holden