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2016 Holden Captiva 7 LTZ (AWD) Review

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I traded my 2012 Prado on a new Captiva LTZ 2.2 diesel and I am glad I did. This SUV has way more gadgets than a $65 grand Prado has, it drives great, has heaps of grunt and fuel economy is around the same if not better. It also can tow the same and we only paid 38k.

I think GM has got it right with this new model finally. After all the bad reviews, I can say for the price I am more than happy. The Holden dealership in Cairns gave us 3 years free servicing and 3 years warranty, what more do you want.

19 inch wheels, leather seats, cruise control, side alert, reverse camera, front park assist, rear park sensor, bluetooth, air-con, six speed auto and 7 seats, turbo intercooler, LED running lights, auto lights, auto wipers, heated front seats, duel tail pipes, nice alloy mags... the list goes on and on and all for 38k. This car is good on the highway and hills or just taking the kids to school.

You get what you pay for and all this is what I payed for. A nice new Captiva thanks holden .also the dealership is great they have phoned us three or four times to ask us if we are happy or not i call this service. We did not receive one call from Toyota after parting with 65k for our Prado, which I think are overrated for the price.

Overall I would rate this new 2016 Captiva a 10/10