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2016 Holden Captiva 7 LTZ (AWD) review

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I was aware of the Captiva's reputation. The value for money in the LTZ diesel swayed me. After 12,800km in nine months, 1100km towing a 1.8-tonne caravan in the heat of summer, it hasn't missed a beat.

Everything works; nothing has stopped working or fallen off. Around town it is returning 9.3L/100km, Holden claims 8.4L/100km. Towing reduces economy to 11.9–12.3L/100km. The engine temp towing in 40-degree heat is 103°C, normally 93°C.

Servicing costs? It came with three years free servicing, and MyLink works very well in Android. The storage spaces are everywhere – double console bin, under the front passenger seat, under the rear boot floor. Engine noise? For a diesel it is very quiet inside, outside you know it's a diesel.

The reason I bought it, apart from value, is the ease of getting in and out. As oldies, the seat height makes it easy to get in and out. Cars these days are too low. The heated front seats are great in winter for an aching back. The seven seats make it easy to take the grandkids with us, and they love the sunroof, especially at night when looking at the stars as we drive. The side steps make it easy for them to get in and out of the SUV.

It does take a bit of getting used to keyless entry/start and the electric park brake. But that's progress coming from a 10-year-old car!

Anyone should give this SUV consideration. It's not as bad as reported. After 12,800km in nine months and no problems, I'm very pleased with it.