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2016 Holden Captiva 5 LS (FWD) Review

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We shopped the entry-model Captiva against the entry-model Hyundai Tucson. The interior of the Captiva seemed more upmarket, the size was bigger and the price was about $4000 cheaper. We were impressed with the economy of such a large car when using regular petrol and liked that it was smooth and quiet. It is not a sports car and no doubt will drink heavily if pushed, but the power is adequate for our needs. We were impressed with some clever little touches like the electric park brake, heated exterior mirrors and the large touch screen.

Servicing costs seem cheap and the lifetime plan is certainly a winner. I also liked the fact that we got the five year warranty at no additional cost (which is great for peace of mind). Despite reading that the car did not come with a spare tyre, I was happy to see that there was one underneath and not an inflation kit. Although, the tyre is not an alloy and is limited to 80kph. Not having the 7 seats means that there is more than ample space in the back and I also like that there are bins under the floor, which should come in handy. Even the passenger seat up front will fold if needed.

Overall, the car looks great (especially for its age) and looks comparable to other cars of its type on the road. It may not be the latest or greatest but for the money, it's pretty hard to beat.