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2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint review

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I bought this car as I have owned Falcons in the past, and considering it's the last one made, and the research and development put into it, I was more inclined to buy it. Also, as the last model made, there would be potential for it to be a collectible model in the future.

It is a stylish car and looks aggressive. The interior is rather basic, but is user-friendly and functions quite well. The seating is good with all controls easy to use and in good locations. As with all Falcons, it is roomy inside and the boot is large enough to carry a good load. Instruments are easy to read and the handling is great.

Combined with the Michelin tyres, it is a joy to drive. It sticks to the road like a real grand tourer, and the ride is much more comfortable than any Falcon I have previously owned. You point it where you want it to go and it does it with ease.

The brakes are the best part of the car – Brembos all around. And unlike previous Falcons I have owned, they are first-class. Power is enormous from a supercharged 5.0-litre engine that has huge response when the pedal is pushed. Power output is certainly one of the Ford V8's leading advantages. Combined with the handling and brake package, it is hard to beat and a pure joy when driving, especially on the open road where it really excels.

Around town, the 5.0-litre engine is thirsty, and for that reason the car is more a weekender for me to use.

There is not a lot I don't like about it. A lockable petrol cap should have been provided, which is annoying. Other owners mention problems with the diff that I have yet to encounter. The warranty is the standard Ford three-year/100,000km.

The Sprint did not offer many colour combinations to choose from, which is disappointing as I would have picked a colour different to mine. There were only around six colours to choose from, and considering the range Ford has, I thought it could do better.

Also, the hockey sticker on the side looks tacky to me and some owners have removed theirs. I won't to keep originality.

Split-zone air-conditioning is good, along with quite a few standard features. The Sync system is okay, however the Holden equivalent I have used does have better user-friendly features.

My car has been reliable with no issues I can report. I keep an eye on other owners' comments, and as I have said, the diff keeps coming up as an issue. A few Sprint owners have had theirs replaced under warranty, and as part of my vehicle's service, I ensure that the diff oil is changed at each one.

Insurance for me, at my age and with my good driving record, does not present a problem. But as with all cars like this one, it could be expensive for a younger person.

My only concern is the ongoing availability of parts now that Ford is no longer a local manufacturer.

After having the car for the last two years, I can say I am happy with the Falcon Sprint as my choice.