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2016 Citroen Ds5 Dsport 60th Anniversary Review

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I was so impressed I bought one! Compared to the German products it is a revelation. It is beautifully and thoughtfully designed, inside and out. Heads turn and people discuss the shape - it is automotive art.

Very comfortable seating (PSA make the best seats). Quiet and generally refined. Yes the suspension could be further improved over the Series 1, this should be a call for Citroen to install the hydropneumatic suspension, then the car would be phenominal. Very frugal with fuel. Lighting superb. There is not a huge extras list like you get when buying a German car. If you are thinking of following the sheep and buying a German product please at least give the DS5 a chance and take it for a test drive. It's not for everyone, but I think a lot of prospective purchasers would become captivated by its looks. There isn't a rating for "Design" - I would give it "10". Photos don't do the car justice, take the time to walk around the car and take in all the design features, like the front vertical air intakes which help reduce the drag coefficient to just 0.26 - one of the most aerodynamic cars on the road today. Overall quality is superb too.

As the DS ads declare, the brand is extolling the 'avant-garde' - 'away from the normal day-to-day humdrum' you might say, and this car is the perfect translation! Oh and one last thing, the Germans have to catch up with the wonderful 6-year warranty!