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2016 Audi RS3 Sportback quattro review

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I have had my RS3 for a year and a half now, and it has been a great car for day to day driving. In fact, the best I have ever had for this task. It makes the commute back and forth from work damn fun!

I bought it after a test drive where I was looking at the RS4, but the RS3 was faster and had a lot more character, so I made the (right) choice in getting it.
It's not a sports or a track car, but it's still a pretty fast and practical point to point car with that five-pot engine giving a sound to die for.

Performance for a small car is very good, but the turbo can get a bit laggy at times. The shifts in the auto are swift and sharp, with the bang it emits between gears giving great satisfaction for hero wanna-be WRC commuters like me. And the Dynamic Suspension package is fantastic as well – make sure your car has this option!

The interior is nice, and the sports seats are great for a daily driver and longer trips. It is not a big car, so there are times on longer trips you might wish for something a little bigger. The upgraded B&O sound system option is really worth the extra money. It's the first car I have not needed to give a speaker/amp upgrade to.

I found the Audi MMI system and voice control to be pretty average to use (might be the Aussie accent). Also, buying the extra $100+ cable needed to use it really sucked as well, especially when you know just about any other car can use a USB cord to be hooked up to interface with your phone. Newer RS3s with Apple CarPlay would hope to be a world better.

It's been a really good car for me. It has eaten a few sets of front tyres and auto-locked with my keys in the car once (I admit I did have thoughts of burning it that morning), but apart from that, all very trouble-free. The local Audi dealer has been very good to deal with for any things I have needed or wanted.

If you're into cars and after a good-quality small hatch, I can 100 per cent recommend this little beast.