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2015 Volkswagen Scirocco R review

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I bought this car because I was looking for something reasonably luxurious yet sporty, and could satisfy my need to drive something with a bit of performance but also be daily driven around town.

I was initially after a MK7 Golf R, but my budget was around the $42–$45K mark, which at the time put the Golf R slightly out of reach. I test-drove the MK7 GTI, and after driving all the Golf Rs, I just couldn’t do it. So I looked at the face-lifted Sciroccos and found them to be pretty fun, and a good compromise between the two.

Well, nine months later I still have a love/hate relationship with the thing. It’s had a few issues – squeaky brakes, torn intake piping, rough DSG changes while driving in traffic, an interior rattle and a speaker blown out. That being said, I have also loved the car! I bought it with 7000km and it now has almost 30,000km. Countless road trips out to the country, beach, and even with a full-size dog in the boot! This car is pretty convenient while offering a great drive.

The car drives reasonably well. At speed and around corners it feels confident and stable, especially with the assistance of the amazing DSG taking care of the gear changes for you. The power comes on a bit hard for FWD, but it’s still manageable and enjoyable.

I’ve also had a few modifications – APR Stage 1 tune (highly recommend for anyone who buys these cars! It just wakes them up), H&R lowering springs, Work Meister 19-inch wheels, I’ve had a muffler cut out to add a little sound (not too loud which is great), and APR intake.

All of these modifications have enhanced my enjoyment. Sometimes my only regret is the wheels, as driving out in the country has taken its toll: I buckled both front wheels pretty badly. Oh well!

The downsides: the servicing costs, the limitations of grip via FWD, and the fact that it’s not a Golf R. You always feel like you cheaped out and bought the half Golf, despite how great the Scirocco can sometimes look.

Anyway, if you’re looking to buy a Scirocco, buy a Golf R.