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2015 Volkswagen Polo 81 TSI Comfortline Review

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As my first car, I was looking for a light or small car which performs well, looks good, and is very fuel efficient (and as my parent's requirement, have a high ANCAP rating). My choices were the Honda City, Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla and of course, the Volkswagen Polo.

The Polo ticked almost all the boxes for me.
-It drives well (the torque is easily accessible, and steering is great).
-It is very fuel efficient (I fill up with Shell V-Power 98, and lasts 3-4 weeks. I travel about 650-700 kms on one tank).
-It's small and easy to park, but looks sporty and can fit 4 people (don't think about fitting five !). However, the room for four people, especially in the front is very comfortable.

However, some of the technology in the car are very buggy. For example, with my multi-fuction leather steering wheel, the controls occasionally don't do what you want, and the USB media interface, duplicates audio files, and doesn't shuffle the songs properly. Also, since the car doesn't have reverse sensors / camera as standard, I had to pay extra for the reverse sensors. Ride quality and wind noise is not exactly the best in my opinion, however others seem to differ with this.

The Stop-Start engine takes getting used to as well as there is some lag when the engine starts up again.

Price wise, haggle the price of this car as much as you can ! We ended up getting the car for $22, 850 with metallic paint, reverse sensors, and DSG (the driveaway price was $22,490 without metallic paint and reverse sensors).

Overall, this car has been a good.

Also a note that the salesperson who sold me the car keeps in contact with me and is also checking up on the car !