Volkswagen Passat 2015 132 tsi
Owner Review

2015 Volkswagen Passat 132TSI review

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Well, after almost three years of trouble-free ownership, our Passat 132TSI is everything we expected and more.

No issues with ride, handling or performance, but just a reliable, economical, all-round great drive – particularly on the country roads, trips away, and three or four interstate holidays to visit family. The car is quiet, has a ton of room, and the boot storage is absolutely excellent.

All services were straightforward and without any complications. The battery went last month, but thanks to the VW roadside service, it was replaced within the hour and without charge. All in all, certainly the best car we have had the pleasure to own and drive.

After I wrote our first review at approximately 14,000km, we were pretty pleased and were hopeful but confident of trouble-free ownership, and we couldn't be happier. We've now travelled just over 44,000km and it hasn't missed a beat.

We're consistently averaging about 6.2L/100km since purchasing and no issues at all to report, just a real pleasure to drive. The generous amount of rear leg room was quite surprising, there is virtually no cabin noise even on long interstate trips, and the separate rear-zoned air-con makes for complete passenger comfort.

The Golf was a great drive, the Jetta TDIs were superb, but the Passat has certainly been a standout. If I had to find an issue – it is pretty hard to find one – we did agree that the glovebox is slightly smaller than we expected. I also made mention on the first review about the tyre noise with the Pirellis. They were always a comfortable ride, but we replaced them with Continental tyres at about 29,000km to reduce the noise factor without affecting the ride or braking quality.

Now there are no issues at all, just a great drive every time. We did look at the Passat wagon before buying, but when we saw the boot space in the Passat sedan, it was quite a surprise. I don't think we've had to compromise on storage for any of the trips away. This car really has it all covered.