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2015 Toyota Landcruiser Prado Kakadu (4x4) Review

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I was in the market for a premium SUV fit for the family. At the time I had eyes on the Range Rover Sport and Grand Cherokee, then I saw the Prado Kakadu. (Mind you I had a 2011 GXL at the time) I thought hard and decided to go Toyota again. Due to my frequent long distance commuting, I liked it, it had all the bells and whistles but with luxury and was good with fuel. The 2.8 Diesel just came out, so I went for it.

I couldn't be happier since. The luxury, cabin space and technology all made this car a treat. The smooth shifting automatic is nice. The diesel is refined and economical, and still had the enough power for the highway. What I really love about the Kakadu is the technology. The radar cruise control was like space age tech for me (call me old). My kids love the space and DVD player, the heated seats, front and rear. My older one is in love with the 14 speaker JBL system. The Kakadu ticks all the boxes for a premium family car.

Some flaws I found in the Prado was it's size. It's nice to have sensors and cameras everywhere, but it still makes it hard for city parking. Listening to that rattle from the diesel is really starting to get on my nerves.

Overall this car is an all round lovely transporter. Premium yet easy to live with. And being a Toyota, it's capped priced servicing and warranty won't let you down.
Just need careful what colour you order!