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2015 Toyota Landcruiser Gxl (4x4) Review

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I have owned Toyota Landcruisers continuously since 1975. I have had over 10 different models during that time and have always loved them and enjoyed them.
This current LC200 GXL is without a doubt the best vehicle I have ever owned. I Have had Range Rovers and Patrols earlier on as well.

Love the ride, the sheer towing ability, comfort and the economy of this updated model. However, it has one amazingly major fault which I absolutely detest.

I had a 2010 LC200 previously and it had the radio/audio controls mounted on the steering wheel. The new vehicle doesn't have these wheel mounted controls and the radio has been upgraded to a touch screen model with the on/off / volume control mounted on the left hand side of the radio. Obviously this unit was designed for a LH drive vehicle.

I believe that it is unsafe to operate the radio controls whilst driving this vehicle. It is the most frustrating thing to use as the touch screen buttons are hard to use while the vehicle is moving because of the movement of the vehicle on its suspension. The hands-free voice control is so frustrating as its voice recognition capabilities seem to work infrequently - it gets the words you say incorrect more often than not!

I notice that the Sahara version has steering wheel controls. What a joke! You can buy a new Yaris for under $20k with wheel mounted controls!!!
Love the car but absolutely hate the radio and its controls. This spoils the whole experience for my wife and I.

I lodged an online complaint through the Toyota website. It has taken nearly two months to get a response. One arrived today - guess what - it was answered by a call type centre not by Toyota and did not acknowledge my concerns other than to say my FEEDBACK had been passed onto to the Toyota engineers and design team. What a joke!

Anyway, I am not giving up and will hound Toyota for a Sahara steering wheel because, as I said above, I believe there are serious safety issues with the radio unit in this vehicle.