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2015 Toyota Aurion At-x Review

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The 2015 aurion facelift brings additional features to base model such as smart entry and push button start plus park assist.

The engine continues to provide outstanding performance well ahead of the equivalent falcon or commodore. I have seen 0-100 runs in the high 5s and low 6s which is very fast for a family sedan and is well into v8 territory. It really does dart away if you are heavy on the throttle. Its a win win as fuel economy is best in its class too, thanks to the efficient engine, lighter kerb weight and smart 6 speed gearbox, not to mention eco function that tells you if your driving economically.

The interior is very well put together, appears durable and functional. The park brake is a little different but works. The front seats are great with headrests where they should be, as well as arm rests in the perfect spot. Makes for a very comfortable driving position and all very adjustable. Falcon you sit up way too high and commodore is comparable for comfort.

The rear seat whilst not as wide as the falcon or commodore has the benefit of more rear legeoom due to front wheel drive and no diff protruding into the cabin.

The look of the car is more upmarket than falcon or commodore, add a nice set of wheels and a tint to the windows and it looks very smart indeed. The standard wheels are on camry and aurion and far too common. Trust me get a new set of 18 inch wheels and 235 tyres and wow!

The car looks and feels smaller making it easier to park but the interior is very spacious as is the boot.

For the money there is no more capable car.

Plenty features
Toyota quality