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2015 Suzuki Jimny Review

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I bought the Jimny new, in March 2015. First thing I did was to take out the rear seats, and fit a "storage" system that would hold all I need for trips by myself, swag-camping along the way. As long as you "get it", you cannot be anything other than rapped with these little beasts.

It's still "stock" apart from an Outback Accessories bull bar and a transfer cover bash plate, but it is still an awesome 4WD when it comes to off-road!

I loaded up recently, to travel up the coast from Perth to Karijini National Park, stopping off at points along the way. I had it loaded to GVM, but it hardly felt any different to running with driver only. I have to say that the Jimny isn't suited to dirt roads with severe corrugations. I think the wheel base is to short to ride over them comfortably. It's a testament to the build quality that it didn't fall apart - my dash cam was recording almost constant +2G readings at one stage.

What amazed me was the way it drove on the highway. I did the return trip (1600 km) with only stops for fuel, and I never felt fatigued once! Believe me, I would have broken the journey if I was feeling too tired, having had a couple of "incidents" whilst driving my company Hilux.

As previously stated - if you "get" the Jimny, then you will enjoy it immensely, but they aren't for everyone. You need to "get" that it has a small motor. You need to "get" that it is geared a bit like a truck, therefore doesn't do 0 to 100 kph in 5 seconds!!